Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 249


EOC celebrates 25th anniversary with dedicated website and packed event line-up

In celebration of its 25th anniversary in 2021, the EOC has launched a website spotlighting the major milestones it made over the years, as well as upcoming events and activities that underscore the continuing importance of promoting values of equality, diversity and inclusion in current times.

“Closely connected with the everyday life of citizens and the wellbeing of different communities, the EOC’s work serves to uproot ingrained prejudices and stereotypes,” said EOC Chairperson Mr Ricky CHU Man-kin. “While this has proven to be an increasing challenge amid drastic and complex changes to our society in recent years, the EOC has and will remain steadfast in its mission, professional in its duty, and proactive in its outlook.”

Whether in advocating law and policy reforms, incentivising businesses to build inclusive workplaces, or streamlining its complaint-handling procedures under a victim-centric approach, the EOC has prided itself on being an independent and professional body with both the passion and strategic expertise needed to bring about meaningful change.

Building on this spirit, the EOC will roll out a variety of initiatives in 2021, including the announcement of results of the inaugural edition of the Equal Opportunity Employer Recognition Scheme, a roving exhibition featuring original photographic works by members of disadvantaged communities, a conference on the challenges facing women carers with disabilities, the launch of a “behind-the-scenes” video showing what a typical day looks like at the EOC office, and many others. Check out our website now for the complete line-up of events.