Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 260


Issue 260 | 30/06/2021

EOC wraps up first half of 2021 with string of impactful initiatives

From engaging the younger generation to promoting D&I among employers and advancing legislative reform, the EOC not only strengthened its ties with the local community, but also made real and meaningful change to Hong Kong’s equality landscape in the first half of 2021...

2021 Census to collect data on elderly persons requiring care

The 2021 Population Census has already commenced on 23 June 2021. Vital for planning the future development of Hong Kong, the Census serves as an...

EOC responds to HKEX’s Consultation Paper on Review of Corporate Governance Code and Related Listing Rules

Diversity brings unique perspectives to the boardroom and drives innovation for businesses. Yet, the underrepresentation of women on boards has been a persistent issue in Hong Kong. As at end of 2020, over 32% of the 2,538 issuers in the city had no female directors...

Amber Foundation empowers young ethnic minority women with career training and networking opportunities

Launched originally in 2018 and run by The Amber Foundation, the EMPOWER programme seeks to enhance the career prospects of young women from ethnic minority backgrounds in Hong Kong by connecting them with the business community and women leaders from a wide spectrum of industries...