Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 267


EOC joins in effort to enhance career prospects of ethnic minority students

Among the policy initiatives included in the Chief Executive’s Policy Address this year is strengthening the support for ethnic minorities, with the Government taking the lead in providing ethnic minorities with more employment opportunities.

In this regard, the EOC has been actively promoting the equal employment opportunities of ethnic minorities through initiatives such as the Racial Diversity and Inclusion Charter for Employers. The EOC is also a supporting organisation of the second edition of the EMerging Talent Internship Programme 2021 by The Zubin Foundation, which lined up internship opportunities for non-ethnic Chinese students. This summer, 50 NEC students interned in 32 host companies. The EOC invited signatories of the Racial Diversity and Inclusion Charter for Employers to provide 70% of the internship positions. 

As mentioned by EOC Chairperson Mr Ricky CHU at an event to acknowledge the participating companies and interns on 29 September, “We are aware of the challenges and barriers faced by NEC youth, especially those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, in getting job opportunities and career breakthroughs. The Zubin Foundation’s internship programme is a great way of boosting their future career prospects through giving them exposure, experience and confidence. Internship experience has become increasingly important in the eyes of employers and by bringing together prospective interns and employers, this programme helps bridge the gap for NEC students who may not be able to get one on their own.”