Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 275


Issue 275 | 14/02/2022

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Download “The EO Beat” to get the latest on EOC’s work

The EOC has released the February 2022 issue of EO Beat, a revamped version of its periodical which dissects trending issues from an anti-discrimination perspective and highlights recent work of the Commission.

Covers of the two leaflets

EOC’s new leaflets provide guidance on supporting persons with epilepsy and those with Tourette Syndrome

Disability does not define a person. Misunderstanding and stigma, on the other hand, can limit the life chances of a community. To debunk myths around different types of disabiliity and encourage good practice at both the individual and organisational levels, the EOC is producing a new series of leaflets entitled “How to Support Persons with Disability”. 

Videos: D&I in practice: a look at the banking and catering industries

D&I in practice: a look at the banking and catering industries

Much ink has been spilt over the business case for diversity and inclusion, but what does this mean in practice? In two videos released on YouTube last month, the EOC invites represenatives from the banking and catering industries to talk about how they address the needs of customers from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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CMAB invites applications for Equal Opportunities (Sexual Orientation) Funding Scheme

The Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau (CMAB) is now inviting applications under its Equal Opportunities (Sexual Orientation) Funding Scheme 2022-23 until 31 March 2022.