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Press Releases

Finale of Equal Opportunities Diversity Project to Promote Equal Employment Opportunities


To promote equal opportunities and social inclusion, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and RTHK Radio 2 held the finale of the "Equal Opportunities Diversity Project (平等機會多元共融行動)" today (Saturday, 14 April 2012) at Yuen Long Plaza. This project was a 13-month radio programme which ran on RTHK Radio 2 from March 2011 to April 2012. The theme of today's event was the promotion of equal employment opportunities for all.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. LAM Woon-kwong, Chairperson of the EOC, said, "Hong Kong's success is due in large measure to our history of fairness and inclusion. Ensuring that all people can compete fairly to the best of their abilities, irrespective of background, gender and race, is critical to our competitive edge in the global marketplace.” Mr. Lam added, "Today's theme, the promotion of equal employment opportunities for all, represents a crucial element in this City's success.”

In the past 13 months, over 70 guests including Legislative Councillors, representatives from NGOs, rehab groups, women’s groups and ethnic minority organizations were interviewed on the EOC's weekly radio programme on RTHK 2 to raise public awareness on the concept of equal opportunities and acceptance of all, irrespective of their race, gender, disability, or family status. Broadcast once a week over the past year, this social integration initiative was designed to promote inclusion and diversity.

Mr. LAM Woon-kwong was joined by EOC Members, Ms Carmen CHAN Ka-mun and Ms Garling WONG Ka-ling, and Controller (Radio) of RTHK, Mr. Phillip CHOW, to officiate at the ceremony.

Also attending the ceremony were representatives from non-government organizations, including Ms. CHEUNG Lai-ha, Vice-chairperson of the Women's Affairs Committee of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions; Ms. Si-si LIU, Director of the Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres; Mr. Gyanendra GURANG from Christian Action–SHINE Centre; Mr. LEE Lam, a caring employer; an employee with intellectual disability and RTHK programme host Mr. Leung Siu-fai. They shared their experiences and challenges they faced in advancing equal employment opportunities. Ethnic minority students from Po Kok Primary School performed a traditional dance to promote cultural awareness and racial harmony.

For media enquiries, please contact Mr. Sam HO, at 2106-2187.

Equal Opportunities Commission

14 April 2012