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Press Releases

EOC Promotes Equal Opportunities through Funding Programme of Research Projects


The Funding Programme of Research Projects on Equal Opportunities 2013/14 (the Funding Programme) is now open for application. The Funding Programme aims at encouraging eligible academia and not-for-profit organisations with inspiring ideas to undertake innovative research projects. It is hoped that the funded research projects would promote the principles and applications of Hong Kong’s anti-discrimination ordinances. 

Two batches of application are available for the Funding Programme 2013/14. Only one application can be submitted by each applicant in each batch of application, and for each research project, only one application can be submitted. The deadline for application: 13 September 2013 (Batch 1) and 6 January 2014 (Batch 2). The maximum funding limit of each project is HK$50,000. 

Interested parties can contact the EOC Office at 2511-8211 to obtain details of the Funding Programme and related application information, or visit the EOC’s homepage at

For media inquiries, please contact Mr Sam Ho at 2106 2187.


Equal Opportunities Commission
26 July 2013