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Press Releases

Press Releases

EOC Statement: In response to a news report of Apple Daily on 26 August 2014


  1. The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) acknowledges that the incident may have caused potential public misunderstanding and wishes to express its regret and sincere apologies.
  2. The EOC respects the freedom of belief and religion. EOC employees can participate in any kind of religious activities and maintain their own position on religion. The Commission would not intervene, regulate or control its staff from participating in any kind of religious activities.
  3. The EOC also respects the freedom of speech of its employees. However, if their speeches in public may contradict the established position of the Commission, they should seek approval in advance. The EOC’s Code of Conduct for employees already covers matters relating to possible conflict of interest for EOC staff. All employees are advised to avoid relationships which might conflict with the interests of the EOC, so that the EOC’s proper performance will not be affected.
  4. In addition, the EOC’s stance regarding the disclosure of any work-related or internal information of the EOC in public activities is that the relevant employee must seek approval from the Commission in advance.
  5. In the last three public consultation meetings on Discrimination Law Review (DLR) held by the EOC, its employee Mr. CHOK Kin-ming did not deviate from the Commission’s stance. Mr. Chok is only involved in the work of DLR but he is not playing any role in the LGBTI study that is taking place. His personal views on same-sex marriage do not represent the position of the Commission. Such personal views will not affect the DLR as well.
  6. The EOC is now inquiring into the actual remarks of Mr. Chok made at a church forum on 16 August 2014. In order to alleviate public concerns regarding a possible conflict of interest, or queries regarding the EOC facilitators’ impartiality in our DLR public consultation, Mr. Chok has already been instructed that he would be discharged from his DLR duties with immediate effect.
  7. The EOC has reminded all its employees that they can request to withdraw from a duty if conflicts are found between the EOC position and his/her personal position, which would help them avoid committing any acts or delivering remarks that may undermine the credibility of the Commission.
  8. The EOC will follow up and conduct further internal investigation into the matter.
For media enquiries, please contact Ms Mariana LAW at 2106 2226.
Equal Opportunities Commission
26 August 2014