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Press Releases

The EOC Welcomes the Appointment of Professor Alfred CHAN Cheung-ming as next Chairperson


The Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission, Dr. York CHOW, welcomes the appointment of Prof. Alfred CHAN Cheung-ming, SBS, JP as the new Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) for a term of three years, effective from 11 April 2016.

Dr. Chow said, “I extend my warmest welcome to Prof. Chan. He has extensive professional expertise and experience of working with the Government, serving and leading various advisory and statutory bodies of different policy areas, with in-depth knowledge of social issues, including ageing issues. I am certain that he is well placed to lead the Commission.”

“I am privileged and honoured to have served the EOC in the last three years, which has been such a valuable learning and life-enriching experience for me,” said Dr. Chow. “I am also indebted to all Board Members and staff of the EOC, who have rendered me their unfailing support, guidance and advice. I am certain that they will continue to support the new Chairperson with great dedication and commitment.”

“Over the past three years, the EOC has implemented a range of initiatives to strengthen our city’s equality protection framework, moving in tune with the changing times,” Dr. Chow added. “I am especially pleased to see that there is a shift in public attitudes towards greater and stronger equality measures, with enhanced importance and awareness of anti-discrimination principles in our society. It is indeed essential that there is a shared understanding of the importance of equality among everyone, which is vital for upholding Hong Kong’s reputation and standing as an international city. And we must ensure that our core values of equality and justice remain intact, so that our community and future generations can thrive in a truly free, equal and inclusive society.”

The term of the new Chairperson will come into effect on 11 April 2016, while the last working day of Dr. York Chow will be 31 March 2016.


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18 March 2016