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Press Releases

The EOC welcomes the decision of the Labour Tribunal on 28 September 2017



The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) welcomes the Labour Tribunal’s decision on 28 September 2017 to dismiss the claim of its former employee (LBTC543/2015).

The EOC is a statutory body tasked with a number of duties including the elimination of discrimination, promotion of the principles of equal opportunities and implementation of anti-discrimination ordinances. As a statutory body which provides services to the public, integrity and good standing is very important. We therefore require all employees of the EOC to maintain high moral and ethical standards in accordance with our internal Code of Conduct. The EOC has adopted and strictly enforced a zero-tolerance policy on staff misconduct and any lack of integrity.

The EOC respects the freedom of speech of its employees. However, where an employee is involved in any activity which is in direct opposition to the work of the EOC, the employer should be notified and will decide whether the employee may deal with the case or situation where the conflict of interest has arisen. It is obligatory for the Claimant to declare his interest before he attended the Church Forum, but he failed to make such report, acting in conflict with the interest of the EOC and breaching the EOC’s Code of Conduct.


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Equal Opportunities Commission
28 September 2017