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Press Releases

The EOC Holds a Corporate Seminar to Promote Racial Diversity in Employment


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) organised a seminar today (21 March 2018) on Corporate Role in Promoting Racial Diversity, with the support of HSBC. The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Hon Dr LAW Chi-kwong delivered the keynote speech. Hosted at the HSBC Main Building, the seminar attracted participants from various organisations, including small, medium and large enterprises representing different sectors, such as banking, finance, trading as well as the non-profit sector including social enterprises and NGOs. Ms Diana CESAR, Chief Executive Officer Hong Kong, HSBC, gave the closing address.

Two panel discussions at the seminar brought together insightful perspectives and shared experiences of organisational efforts and initiatives in the areas of diversity and inclusion. The panel discussions were moderated by Mr Yonden LHATOO, Chief News Editor of SCMP and Ms Margaret NG, Barrister and former legislative councillor respectively. Panellists included senior representatives from HSBC, Arup Group Limited, Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Limited, PCCW, Fairwood Holdings Limited and Towngas.

EOC Chairperson, Prof Alfred CHAN Cheung-ming, said, “The discussions brought forth many compelling ideas and suggestions that the EOC can take forward as policy recommendations to improve the employment situation of ethnic minorities. We are encouraged to hear of the various initiatives and measures that organisations have in place to promote racial diversity and inclusion. The objective of the seminar was to bring the topic to the forefront and encourage dialogue on this important subject. I believe we have achieved it, and the challenge now is to keep the dialogue going, and motivate others to follow the lead.”

The EOC also took this opportunity to introduce the “Racial Diversity in the Workplace: Employer Charter”, which aims to provide guidelines to employers on enhancing racial diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

In order to help organisations adhere to the principles of equal opportunities, they may refer to the EOC’s Code of Practice on Employment under the Race Discrimination Ordinance, which is also available on the EOC website www.eoc.org.hk. Employers are urged to contact the EOC to clarify that their policies are not in violation of the anti-discrimination ordinances or to review their employment procedures.


Equal Opportunities Commission
21 March 2018