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Press Releases

The EOC launches the Racial Diversity and Inclusion Charter for Employers


In its continuing efforts to engage businesses in promoting racial equality in employment, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has launched the Racial Diversity and Inclusion Charter for Employers.  The Charter provides guidelines and best practices for employers wishing to make their workplaces more diverse and inclusive. By adopting the Charter, businesses not only show their commitment towards racial diversity and inclusion, but will also be able to set goals and keep track on their progress with the use of the guidelines. 
The Charter consists of a list of nine guidelines that cover three broad areas, namely policy, culture and work environment.  The guidelines are based on the Race Discrimination Ordinance (RDO) as well as the Code of Practice in Employment under the RDO. While not mandatory or subject to the law, the guidelines serve as best practice suggestions to achieve an inclusive work environment and inculcate a culture of racial respect running the length of the organisation. 
Organisations willing to adopt the Charter can indicate their interest and formally sign the Charter.  The Commission will act as advisor to help with implementation of the suggested practices.  As a signatory, organisations can use the dedicated Racial Diversity & Inclusion logo in their publications, job advertisements etc. 
The EOC believes that besides helping improve racial inclusion, there are sound business reasons for having a diverse work force.  An increasing number of studies are showing that diversity leads to more creative teams and increases a company’s bottom line.
“It is a win-win situation for all”, says the EOC Chairperson, Prof. Alfred CHAN Cheung-ming. “Employing our local ethnic minorities, who have the unique dual perspective of their own culture as well as that of a Hong Konger, can greatly add to the creativity and productivity of an organization. The non-Chinese population is relatively young and growing and organisations can benefit from tapping into this valuable resource pool particularly in light of the ageing population in Hong Kong.”
Equal Opportunities Commission
6 August 2018