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Press Releases

EOC Responds to Media Enquiries about Online Comments


In response to media enquiries, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) released the following statement today (28 February 2020):

1. The statement issued by the EOC on 25 February 2020 did not place any focus whatsoever on any specific case. The EOC’s explanation on the law did not amount to comments or conclusions about individual cases, and should not be construed as such. It is untrue to say that the EOC has dismissed certain cases prematurely or jumped to judgments. Indeed, any allegation that the Commission has not adhered to its established complaint-handling procedures or principles of fairness and impartiality is completely groundless and uncalled for.

2. The EOC’s statement stressed that gloating remarks online are extremely inappropriate, and called on the public to refrain from making these comments. There was no ambiguity in that statement; to claim that it has encouraged discrimination or other wrongful behaviour is untruthful and unjustified. The EOC expresses regret about such allegations.

3. The EOC hereby reiterates that any person who has been, or believes that she or he has been, subject to disability discrimination, vilification or serious vilification is welcome to contact the Commission directly to lodge an enquiry or complaint. The EOC will endeavour to offer assistance as appropriate and needed. In fact, the EOC has been actively and diligently handling enquiries and complaints about COVID-19 from members of the public. Furthermore, the Commission is making use of various channels, such as issuing media statements, publishing op-eds and giving media interviews, to educate the public and call on everyone to avoid discriminatory acts and speech. The EOC will continue to monitor the situation closely, and adopt appropriate measures to address new developments and needs of the local community.

4. The EOC wishes that all sectors in society will forgo all forms of prejudice, stand in solidarity, and help the city win its fight against the epidemic.

Equal Opportunities Commission
28 February 2020