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Press Releases

EOC Responds to Media Enquiries about District Councillors Posting Notice outside their Office


In response to media enquiries about a District Councillor reportedly putting up a notice outside the office saying “We do not serve ‘blue ribbons’” and “No ‘blue ribbons’ and dogs allowed” in Chinese, and whether the act violates any of the four anti-discrimination ordinances currently in place, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) issued the following statement today (6 March 2020):

1. Based on the information currently available, the EOC believes that the remarks in question do not involve any of the grounds protected under the four anti-discrimination ordinances, namely the Sex Discrimination Ordinance, the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance and the Race Discrimination Ordinance. The EOC is tasked with enforcing these ordinances, which together outlaw discrimination based on gender, pregnancy, marital status, disability, family status and race, and are applicable to various areas of activity, including employment, education, provision of goods, services and facilities, and disposal and management of premises, among others.

2. Anyone who has been, or believes that she or he has been, subject to unlawful discrimination is welcome to contact the EOC directly to lodge an enquiry or complaint. The EOC will conduct a thorough assessment of the matter and handle the case in line with relevant provisions of the law and established procedures.

3. Mr Ricky CHU Man-kin, Chairperson of the EOC, said, “District Councillors are public servants responsible for promoting the well-being of citizens in their respective districts; refusing to serve someone from the same neighbourhood goes against that commitment. Indeed, the EOC opposes any sort of discriminatory behaviour, and wishes that all sectors in society will forgo their prejudice, stand in solidarity, and help the city win its fight against the epidemic.”


Equal Opportunities Commission
6 March 2020