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Press Releases

EOC Breaks Down Stereotyping


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and Commercial Radio 1 today (30 October 2004) held an EO Expo 2004 roadshow, a reaching out to the community initiative, which showcased Hong Kong's top-ranking policewoman, a visually impaired recipient of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award and a champion female fencer. Hundreds of shoppers at the Tuen Mun Town Plaza, students and residents joined in the programme, which will be broadcast on Commercial Radio 1 (FM 88.1 – 89.5), 9:00pm on 30 October 2004.

EOC Chairperson, Mrs. Patricia Chu said, "We are proud to have enlisted so much support to break down gender and disability stereotyping. I wish to thank Mrs. Bonnie Yee Lo Smith, regional commander of New Territories South, Hong Kong's most senior policewoman; Ms. Ho Ka-lai, ex-member of the Hong Kong Fencing Team and Mr. Kim Mok, an IT professional and recipient of the 1999 Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award, for sharing with us their own unique experiences of breaking traditional barriers to achieve success. Our special guests are all exemplary role models for today's young people, with track records to prove that you can fulfill your potential, irrespective of your gender or physical condition."

"A major component of this year's Expo is our Career Challenge mentorship programme, which has continued in its third year. Former participants have recounted how encounters with their mentors have transformed them into realizing the abilities of women and men, that both sexes are able to achieve in non-traditional profession fields. I am sure Mrs. Bonnie Smith and Ms. Ho Ka-lai will be able to widen horizons for their mentees, and that it is important to make the right life choice, such as when choosing one's career. We are also grateful that Mr. Kim Mok is here, to demonstrate that there is ability in disability, and that even though we are all different, everyone can make meaningful contributions to our community," Mrs. Chu added.

The masters of ceremony, Ms. Carrie Li and Ms. Rosa Mok, both DJs of Commercial Radio 1, also interviewed Legislative Councilor and EOC Member Ms. Li Fung-ying, who shared with the audience her experiences of fighting gender stereotyping to become a well respected labour union leader. Popular artistes Shawn Yue, 2R, Ellis Tang and Hong Cheung engaged in fun and games to promote equal opportunity values.

The radio series "Reaching Out for Equal Opportunities" will be broadcast every Saturday, 30 October to 13 November 2004 at 9 p.m. on Commercial Radio 1 (FM 88.1 – 89.5).

Details of EO Expo 2004 are available on the EOC website at http://www.eoc.org.hk. Members of the public may contact the Equal Opportunities Commission at 2511-8211 for enquiries.

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