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Press Releases

EOC's Community Roadshow in Yuen Long Promotes Gender Equality for All


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) staged its community roadshow in Yuen Long today (2 March 2003) to promote gender equality and understanding of the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ms Anna Wu, Chairperson of the EOC, said, "Despite growing awareness, traditional gender stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes continue to pose a barrier to gender equality. The result is limited opportunities for both men and women. The goal of the EOC is to heighten community awareness, breakdown stereotypes, and achieve 'Gender Equality for All' through mainstreaming of equal opportunities."

"This roadshow also aims to eliminate stereotypical attitudes towards single-parent families and promote understanding of the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance," Ms Wu continued. "By providing individuals with equal access to education, employment, housing, services and participation in community life, we are providing a platform for individual development. This enables an individual to maximize his/her own abilities and thus achieve greater self-sufficiency. This in turn leads to lesser dependency on social security."

Ms Wu officiated at the opening ceremony with Dr the Hon Tang Siu-tong, Member of the Legislative Council and the Chairman of the Yuen Long District Council; Mr Vincent Tang, District Officer of Yuen Long; Ms Maggie Chan, Coordinator of Community Service of Caritas – Hong Kong; Ms Margaret Wong, Executive Director of Harmony House and Ms Tam Siu-hing, Chairperson of Single Parents Association. Dr. Tang Siu-tong also presented his views on the importance of equal opportunities.

Following a lively demonstration on Home Economics projects by male students from Christ College, two service users of Caritas's Mutual Aid Grassroots Centre for Men and Women Development Project shared their experience of how traditional gender stereotypes restricted opportunities, and their attempts to reposition their gender roles to fulfill their own potentials. They shared the view that traditional perceptions of gender roles often damaged an individual's self-esteem and could lead to family conflicts and violence. The audience was urged to re-evaluate their needs and explore new possibilities.

The roadshow was jointly organized by the EOC, Caritas–Mutual Aid Grassroots Centre for Men, Caritas–Women Development Project, Hong Kong Single Parents Association and Harmony House.

The EOC also launched its new website search engine today. Participants of the EOC's 18th roadshow enjoyed special games of the EOC's recent Game Booth Design Competition. Seventeen secondary schools participated in the Competition and the details of the winners who were announced at the roadshow are available on the EOC website at http://www.eoc.org.hk.

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