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Press Releases

EOC Fights Stigmatization and Stereotyping


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and Commercial Radio 1 today (6 November 2004) held an EO Expo 2004 roadshow at Metroplaza, Kwai Fong, a reaching out to the community initiative, which showcased Mrs. Alice LAU, Commissioner of Inland Revenue and Mr. LIU Guozhu, Chief Instructor (Food Preparation) of the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute, to share their unique experiences of breaking traditional barriers to achieve career goals. A mental health care professional from Kwai Chung Hospital and another guest speaker recounted their experiences of fighting discrimination and how stigmatization could impact on mental health service users and their families.

Mrs. Patricia CHU, EOC Chairperson said, "The objective of this roadshow is two fold, to encourage community acceptance of persons with mental illness, and also to encourage young people to fulfill their potential irrespective of their gender." Mrs. Chu further explained, "The stigma related to mental illness is often more feared than the illness itself. Persons with mental illness require support, acceptance and understanding. They have rights to education, employment and dignity like anyone else."

"Community understanding and acceptance is a pre-requisite in reducing stigma and enables people with mental illness to re-integrate into the community. The EOC has been promoting acceptance of persons with mental illness through various means such as roadshows, public education activities and media seminars. These are aimed at changing attitudinal stereotyping and creating a more accepting environment for the well being of the persons with mental illness, their families and the community as a whole," the Chairperson concluded.

One of the highlights of this year's Expo is Career Challenge 2004, a youth mentorship programme aimed at breaking stereotypes and widening the horizons of young people. Ten outstanding achievers have joined as mentors this year, including Mrs. Alice LAU and Mr. LIU Guozhu.

The masters of ceremony, Ms. Carrie LI and Ms. Addy LAI, both DJs of Commercial Radio 1, interviewed Mrs. Alice LAU and Mr. LIU Guozhu. Kwai Chung Hospital and the Hong Kong Lutheran Centre For The Disabled also joined in today's roadshow in promoting the benefits of embracing equal opportunities. Popular artistes Emme Wong and Hins Cheung engaged in fun and games to promote equal opportunity values. The programme will be broadcast on the radio series "Reaching Out for Equal Opportunities" Commercial Radio 1 (FM 88.1 – 89.5), 9:00pm on 6 November 2004.

Details of EO Expo 2004 are available on the EOC website at http://www.eoc.org.hk Members of the public may contact the Equal Opportunities Commission at 2511-8211 for enquiries.

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