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Press Releases

Final Conclusion of Richland Gardens Case


Five Plaintiffs, who were assisted by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in taking legal action against three Richland Gardens residents for interference and obstruction when working at the Kowloon Bay Health Centre, have decided not to proceed with the action against the remaining Defendant after the other two Defendants apologized in writing.

In view of the written apologies tendered by the other two Defendants, the Plaintiffs feel that their dignity is now respected by those residents who protested against the location of the Health Centre. Since harmonious community relations have been restored between staff of the Health Centre and the residents, and many residents are served by the Health Centre, in the interest of preserving this relationship the Plaintiffs feel that it is appropriate not to proceed further against the remaining Defendant.

The EOC is pleased that community relations have been restored and respects the wishes of the Plaintiffs and commends their generosity of heart.

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