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Press Releases

Launching of Equal Opportunities TV Series for Children


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) announces a Year 2001 educational initiative today (29 June 2001). A TV situation drama series on equal opportunities issues, entitled "Equal Opportunities School" (平等校園), produced by Cable TV, will be broadcast on Cable TV's Children Channel from Monday to Friday at 5:30 p.m. The four-week programme will run from 2 July to 27 July 2001.

Speaking at a press conference, Ms. Anna WU Hung-yuk, Chairperson of the EOC, said, "Promoting equal opportunities from childhood is a primary area of our public education programme. We believe that the younger generation will be the catalyst for change in challenging traditional beliefs and values. The production of this drama series is to enhance public awareness and understanding of equal opportunities concepts and the anti-discrimination legislation."

The 20-episode TV series which highlights different stories of sex discrimination, disability discrimination and family status discrimination is based on real life situations. The programme will feature analyses of discriminatory acts and equal opportunity issues in a lively and easy-to-understand approach. Also in the series, members of the public will share their experiences of discrimination. The educational programme is designed for children and young people to cultivate values which foster respect for human dignity and empathy for those who are less advantaged.

"Discrimination is often based on pure perception and prejudice. This is especially true for the stigmatization that goes with persons with disabilities. In this new educational TV series, we have highlighted discrimination against mental illness, mental handicap and chronic illness as well as stereotypical attitudes towards gender roles and family roles. We have also featured how the use of information technology, if made accessible, can become an empowering tool for the disadvantaged groups." Ms. WU said.

Mr. CHOW Chi-ming, a paralyzed young man, demonstrated the use of a computer, and Mr. PANG Ka-fai, an autistic student demonstrated his talent in mathematics at the press conference. Mr. WONG Yat-shan and other celebrities were also present at the press conference to promote the launching of the TV series.

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