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Press Releases

EOC and Women's Commission co-organize Orientation Camp Game Design Contest to Promote Gender Awareness


Representatives of Hong Kong's tertiary education institutes and university students today (21 July 2005) participated in the first "Orientation Camp Game Design Contest to Promote Gender Awareness", co-organized by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and the Women's Commission (WoC).

EOC Chairperson, Mr. Raymond TANG said, "The EOC and WoC welcome the opportunity of co-operation to promote students' awareness and prevention of sexual harassment on campuses. To address the issues of sex discrimination and sexual harassment, public education is necessary to reduce gender stereotyping and to promote equal respect for both genders."

In light of the concerns about sex discrimination and sexual harassment on campuses, the EOC, in collaboration with the WoC, organized a forum last year with eight universities to discuss ways of preventing sexual harassment on campus.

"This Orientation Camp Game Design Contest is an effort to promote a deeper understanding of the issues of gender equality within the university environment and hence preventing further incidents of sexual harassment." Mr. TANG said.

Mr. TANG continued, "Sexual harassment is conduct of a sexual nature that is not welcomed, whether it be physical, verbal or written. This behaviour could reasonably be expected to make a person feel offended, intimidated or humiliated. A line must be drawn for the "games" at orientation camps, so that every student can feel free to learn in a gender friendly environment."

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Contest, WoC Chairperson, Mrs. Sophie LEUNG said, "Sexual harassment stems from stereotyping of women and men. This kind of perception involves misconceptions about the roles, values, images and abilities of the two sexes, where men are often socialized to be more aggressive in relationships to the point where some may misperceive sexual harassment as an acceptable behaviour."

"One of the solutions to ending sexual harassment and gender-based violence is promoting gender equality. There will be less harassment and discrimination if women and men have gender roles that are equally valued. In this connection, the WoC has launched a series of public education and publicity programmes to promote gender sensitivity within the community, reduce gender stereotyping and raise general awareness of women-related issues," Mrs. LEUNG added.

The games, fun and interesting, designed for the Contest should be able to promote the concept of gender equality and gender awareness and help participants build rapport.

Mr. TANG said, "The enthusiastic participation of the students in this Contest has shown growing awareness among students about the concept of gender equality and the importance of an environment free of sexual harassment."

He added, "Equal Opportunity concepts must be incorporated into the educational process to change attitudes and behaviours. I call upon all stakeholders including universities and NGOs to collaborate in promoting a gender friendly environment and mainstreaming equal opportunity values."

Five teams were selected to compete in the finals of the Contest. The participants demonstrated their games at the Lady Trench Training Centre in Wanchai today. Each team had submitted a written game design proposal earlier, and the information would be uploaded to the EOC website for educational purpose.

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