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Press Releases

EOC Statement on Media Enquiries


In response to media enquiries regarding the recruitment of the Equal Opportunities Commission's (EOC) Chief Legal Counsel, the Commission issues the following:

The EOC deeply regrets that information regarding candidates and the deliberation on the recruitment for the post of Chief Legal Counsel have been disclosed in the public domain. Such disclosure is improper and not conducive to the proper conduct of the relevant recruitment exercise.

A Selection Board chaired by the Convenor of the Administration and Finance Committee, comprising three other EOC Members and the Chairperson Mr. Raymond Tang, was formed to undertake the process of selecting a suitable candidate for the post. The Chairperson is responsible for the operations of the EOC office and the Chief Legal Counsel post reports to him. After considering the applications on hand, the Selection Board had not decided on a shortlist of candidates for interview and resolved to proceed to invite further applications through a second round of recruitment advertisement. Any suggestion of certain candidates being recommended to fill the post is totally groundless and factually untrue.

The Selection Board is following established EOC recruitment procedures and it will be the decision of the Board to appoint the successful candidate. So far, 22 applicants have applied for the post of Chief Legal Counsel, all relevant information related to the applicants will be carefully considered and vetted throughout the recruitment process.

The post is open to all qualified persons and the EOC reaffirms that it is an equal opportunities employer, non-discriminatory in its recruitment process and the best person for the post will be selected based entirely upon the merits of the individual. We reaffirm our pledge that all information provided by candidates will be treated in strict confidence.

Enquiry: Ms. Mariana Law 21062226