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Press Releases

EOC's Proposed Code of Practice on Education Gazetted Today


The Equal Opportunities Commission's proposed Code of Practice on Education under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance (DDO) is published in the government gazette today (1 June 2001). It will be tabled in the Legislative Council for negative vetting on Wednesday, 6 June 2001.

The DDO was enacted in 1996 to ensure that persons with disabilities have equal opportunities in various areas including education. The Commission has proposed to issue the Code of Practice on Education under S65(2) of the Disability Discrimination Ordinance in order to assist educational establishments in fulfilling the requirements of the DDO. The Code will also enable persons with disabilities, their parents and associates to understand their rights and responsibilities in the field of education as set out in the DDO.

The Code is not a new law. However, if a person is alleged to have committed an unlawful act under the DDO in relation to the provision of education, failure or otherwise to comply with a relevant provision of the Code will be taken into account by a court of law, when considering whether such person has contravened the DDO.

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