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Press Releases

EOC Launches its Training Module on Equal Opportunities for Women & Men at the Workplace


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) launched today (20 October 1997) its second training module : The Training Module on Equal Opportunities for Women & Men.

Speaking at the Grand Finale of the Equal Opportunities Educational Radio Programme, Dr. Fanny CHEUNG Mui-ching, Chairperson of the EOC, said, "The development of the training module and the series of 15-week radio programme launched with the RTHK are part of the public education initiatives taken by the Commission to promote equal opportunities."

"The EOC adopted a four-pronged approach in terms of publicity and public education which include (i) reaching out to the public through a planned programme of publicity on TV, radio and the printed media, (ii) serving target clients through a comprehensive educational programme of seminars/talks and publications, (iii) involving community participation through a funding programme and (iv) developing training modules for trainers, teachers, etc. on how to eliminate discrimination and achieve equality of opportunities." DR. CHEUNG elaborated.

Since the enactment and enforcement of the employment-related provisions of the discrimination ordinances, the general public including employers and employees express great interest and concern on equal opportunities for women and men at the workplace.

"The Training Module on Equal Opportunities for Women & Men aims to enhance understanding of the public on how the SDO provides protection against unlawful discrimination on ground of sex, marital status, pregnancy and sexual harassment in employment." Dr. CHEUNG said.

This Training Module will assist companies, trade unions, labour unions, social service organizations and concern groups to train their members and employees on issues of sex discrimination. The materials in the package include activities manuals for trainers, a game set, a teaching video and a brochure on the Sex Discrimination Ordinance. With the use of interactive and structured training activities, the module is designed to give trainees an opportunity to examine and discuss issues of sex discrimination and gender equality at the workplace.

In 1997, the EOC has distributed 90,000 copies of the Code of Practice on Employment under the SDO to help employers understand better their legal liability and responsibility under the SDO, to give employers practical guidelines in the elimination of discrimination, to encourage the setting up of equal opportunities policies within their organization. Leaflets explaining equal opportunities concepts under the Good Management Practice series have been distributed to the public free of charge.

"Changing discriminatory attitudes is a long-term endeavor which involves the joint effort of the whole community. We will continue to employ effective media such as radio and television and produce other publications to convey the message of equal opportunities to the general public. " Dr. CHEUNG concluded.

The Training Module on Equal Opportunities for Women & Men will be available and sold at the EOC Office and a network of large bookstores at HK$500 per set starting from early November 1997.

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