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Press Releases

Publication of First EOC Research Report -A Baseline Survey of Equal Opportunities on the Basis of Gender in Hong Kong 1996-1997


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) announced today (8 September 1997) the publication of its first research report : A Baseline Survey of Equal Opportunities on the Basis of Gender in Hong Kong 1996-1997.

Dr. Fanny CHEUNG Mui-ching, Chairperson of the EOC, said, "The Baseline Survey of Equal Opportunities on the Basis of Gender in Hong Kong 1996-1997 is the first of a series of studies commissioned by the EOC to examine public perception of gender equality."

The survey, covering a random sample of 2,020 persons aged 16 or above in Hong Kong, was conducted in the fourth quarter of 1996. The socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents largely coincide with the general population as revealed in the Hong Kong 1996 by-census.

Findings of the survey revealed the public's perception of gender role and stereotyping, and the respondents' experience of equality or discrimination between men and women in various aspects including the media, family, education, work and community participation.

Both men and women interviewed in the survey considered dismissal due to pregnancy, sexual harassment of women at work and gender-based differential benefits as the most prominent forms of gender discrimination. More women respondents also perceived work situations as gender unequal especially in pay and job opportunities.

It is also evident from the findings of the survey that gender stereotyping is prevalent in the media and in the perception of respondents.

The findings of the survey provide baseline subjective indicators to gauge equal opportunities and discrimination on the basis of gender in Hong Kong. In addition to this survey, objective indicators to provide information in similar areas will be established through statistical analysis of census data. Taken together, the subjective and objective indicators will shed light on the trends in equal opportunities based on gender.

"By identifying areas of concern in gender discrimination, we will be able to focus our attention in specific areas and map out public education strategy in the promotion of equal opportunities. The EOC will develop training modules which focus on changing gender stereotyping. We will also conduct follow-up surveys to monitor social changes in these areas." Dr. CHEUNG added.

The report is now available at HK$90 at major bookstores and the EOC office.

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