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Press Releases

EOC Reminds Schools Not to Discriminate


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) today (8 August 1997) reminds schools not to discriminate against students with a disability when they apply for Form 6 school places.

The reminder came from the EOC's Director of the Disability Division, Mr Frederick Tong, after the results of the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) results were released.

"The Disability Discrimination Ordinance provides that discrimination by a school against a person with a disability by not accepting his or her application for admission as a student is unlawful," Mr Tong said.

Under the Ordinance a school may not refuse to accept a student with a disability except where the student cannot perform activities reasonably required by the school or where the acceptance of the students would result in unjustifiable hardship on the school.

"We urge school authorities that they should be looking at the abilities of the students rather than their disabilities when deciding on admission," Mr Tong said.

"We would like to offer our assistance to students who may have experienced acts of discrimination in their application for school places," he added. The EOC hotline is 2511 8211.

Mr Tong also advised school authorities to remind their staff to treat students with a disability in the same manner as other students. "Harassment or vilification of a student with a disability or his or her relatives, friends or associates is equally unlawful under the Ordinance," he said.

School authorities wishing to find out more about the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Ordinance are welcome to contact the EOC.

Enquiry: EOC Hotline 25118211