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Press Releases

All-China Women's Federation Delegation Visited the Equal Opportunities Commission


A delegation from the All-China Women's Federation (the Federation) visited the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) today (July 18 1997). The Federation's President, Madam Chen Muhua, also the Deputy Chairman of the National People's Congress, met with EOC Chairperson Dr. Fanny Cheung Mui-ching and exchanged views on issues relating to equal opportunities between men and women.

Dr. Cheung together with six Commission Members, extended a warm welcome to the delegation. Dr. Cheung expounded on the vision and mission of the EOC and explained its operation. She said that the EOC was at present charged with the responsibility of implementating the Sex Discrimination Ordinance and the Disability Discrimination Ordinance and that it would soon take up the responsibility of implementing the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance.

Aside from the Federation President Madam Chen Muhua, the 12-member delegation also consisted of Vice Presidents Madam Huang Qichao and Madam Liu Hairong. During the visit to the EOC, the delegation explained in detail the Federation's objectives and work. Since its establishment in 1949, the Federation has been engaging in the work of safeguarding the interests of women and fostering equality between men and women. Its working network covers both rural and urban areas. It has at present over 810,000 grass-root organisations, the work of which includes increasing education and employment opportunities for women, promoting women's participation in the political and economic arena, advocating for the implementation of regulations to protect working women, as well as working on projects for aiding the poor.

At the meeting both parties exchanged views on various issues and shared work experience, and agreed to keep closely in touch for the advancement of equal opportunities.

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