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Press Releases

EOC Wins Pregnancy Discrimination Case


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) welcomes today's District Court ruling (28 October 2002) regarding Ms. YUEN Wai Han, who was subjected to unlawful discrimination on the ground of her pregnancy.

The Court ruled that Ms. YUEN was unlawfully discriminated against after a contract of employment signed by her to be a supervisor of an elderly home was later rescinded, before she even began to work. The Court was satisfied that pregnancy was at least one of the reasons for the rescission of contract. The Court ruled that the elderly home was liable to Ms. YUEN for damages.

One aspect of the case considered by the Court was the fact that, despite repeated demands by the EOC for confirmation of information, the management of the elderly home did not fully co-operate with the Commission.

EOC Chairperson, Ms. Anna WU, said, "The Commission receives a large number of pregnancy related complaints every year. Although close to half of the work force is now comprised of women, the fact remains that many of them still face discrimination during and after their pregnancies. In Ms. YUEN's case, she was discriminated against before she even started her job. Today's court ruling will remind employers that it is illegal to discriminate against a woman on the ground of her pregnancy."

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