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Press Releases

Seminar on Family Status Discrimination Ordinance (FSDO)


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has today (29 November 2000) organized a “Seminar on Family Status Discrimination Ordinance” at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. More than 300 participants comprising government representatives, employers, human resources practitioners, lawyers and interested individuals attended the event.

In her welcome address, Ms. Anna WU, Chairperson of the EOC, explained the need for such a seminar. “The FSDO is perhaps the least understood piece of anti-discrimination legislation that we administer. Not only is it a new piece of legislation relative to the Sex Discrimination Ordinance and Disability Discrimination Ordinance, but family status or responsibility in relation to discrimination is not something a lay person can readily understand. The EOC is aware of the need for more promotion and education in this area and the purpose of today’s seminar is to do just that,” said Ms. WU.

The seminar focused on the employment related provisions of the FSDO. Both local and overseas cases were presented. Speakers at the seminar included Mr. Brian WILLIAMSON, a lawyer from Australia specializing in Industrial Relations, Anti-discrimination and Occupational Health Law; Miss Alexandra PAPADOPOULOS, Legal Adviser of the EOC and Mr. Josiah CHOK, Senior Equal Opportunities Officer of the EOC.

Mr. WILLIAMSON presented an overview of Australia’s anti-discrimination laws. He highlighted judgment and settlement terms in court cases and some of the family friendly policies and practices prevalent in Australia today.

Another speaker, Miss PAPADOPOULOS, introduced the legal requirements, rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees under the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance. Recent amendments to the ordinance and their implications were also discussed. Mr. CHOK explained real life case studies which illustrated various forms of family status discrimination. The three panelists also answered questions from the seminar’s participants.
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