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Press Releases

EOC Announces Joint Training Initiative with Immigration Department


Following an invitation from the Security Bureau to assist the Immigration Department and other disciplinary forces in the aftermath of the Yu Man-hon case, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) is drawing up plans to improve the way immigration officers deal with people with disabilities.

The EOC plans to review current immigration training and working procedures with a view to recommend changes to enhance sensitivity in dealing with people with disabilities particularly those with communication challenges. As a first step, immediate and introductory training will be given to sensitize key officers of the Department.

"This is a small part of a broader approach the EOC will take with the Immigration Department to achieve enhanced and sustainable sensitivities and capabilities in handling equal opportunities matters, particularly regarding the treatment of people with disabilities", said Ms. Anna WU, Chairperson of the Commission.

"We are very pleased that the Department has made a firm commitment to look at long term change by examining existing policies, guidelines, training programs and support mechanisms to ensure that equal opportunity principles are practiced when law enforcement officers discharge their duties."

The EOC will publish a report on the findings of its review within six months. The report will detail a number of recommendations for change. The Immigration Department has indicated its full support for this approach. The EOC will monitor and evaluate the department's implementation of the recommended changes for 6 months after which it will issue a further report.

"It is hoped that the model of training and compliance developed as a result of this initiative can eventually be extended to other security forces and government departments." Ms. WU added.

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