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Press Releases

Equal Opportunities Commission Organizes Educational Programme for Young People


Over 300 students and youths participated in the Equal Opportunities Educational Day Camp today (10 August 2000) at the Breakthrough Youth Village. The educational summer youth programme was jointly organised by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) and Breakthrough.

"In order to build a society without discrimination, it is essential to raise awareness and to educate the general public especially young people about the concepts of equal opportunities. This Summer Youth Programme is part of our public education initiatives aimed at young people in the promotion of equal opportunities, " said Mrs. LAM PEI Yu-dja, Convener of the Community Participation and Publicity Committee of the EOC.

The Day Camp organized today featured training workshops on equal opportunities, outdoor games and a variety show presented by popular artists.

The highlight of the variety show was a female pilot in the Government Flying Services and a male child-care worker sharing their experiences in taking up "gender-biased" careers. A young ex-mentally ill man and a wheelchair-bound fencer also shared their personal experiences in overcoming difficulties to enrich their lives.

"Discrimination is often based on pure perception and prejudice. Young people are encouraged to have a better understanding about persons with disabilities so as to avoid misconceptions. It is also important to change any stereotypical assumptions towards gender roles." Mrs. LAM said.

In addition to the day camp, the educational campaign also included an equal opportunities slogan design competition and a series of radio programmes which featured different scenarios of discrimination. Over 1,500 entries were received for the slogan design competition. The champion slogan was "Put aside your prejudices today for a brighter tomorrow".

Mrs. LAM remarked that young people were a major target of the Commission's public education programme and the EOC was currently working on a series of educational projects promoting equal opportunities in schools.

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