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Press Releases

The Equal Opportunities Commission Announces its Performance Pledge


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) announces its 1998 performance pledge today.

Speaking at a press briefing, Dr. Fanny Cheung Mui-ching, Chairperson of the EOC, said, "We are committed to providing a courteous and efficient service to the community. We have made 10 pledges in respect of different areas of our services."

"In the four main areas of handling enquiries, investigation of complaints, provision of legal assistance and providing educational talks and publicity material, we have set service standard and performance target."

"Anyone with an enquiry who walks into the EOC office without an appointment will be interviewed within 30 minutes."

"For most of the written enquiries, we will give a reply within five working days."

In respect of the investigation of complaints, Dr. Cheung said the Commission will endeavour to conclude a case within six months in 75 percent of the cases.

"Upon receiving a complaint in writing, we will initiate action within three working days" Dr. Cheung added.

"For cases where conciliation is not successful and the complainant has applied for legal assistance, we will, within eight weeks of application, let the applicant know the outcome."

At the press briefing, Dr. Fanny Cheung also reviewed operating results of the EOC in the past 15 months.

Since the commencement of its operation on 20 September 1996 and up to 31 December 1997, the EOC has received 6930 enquiries and handled 501 complaints. Of the 501 complaints, 168 were complaints for investigation and conciliation while 333 were classified as "other complaints".

"Of the 501 cases, 389 were concluded while the remaining 112 were still under investigation."

Dr. Cheung said that the majority of "other complaints" related to discriminatory advertisements and most were resolved within three months.

"In respect of complaints relating to discrimination and harassment under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance and the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, investigation would normally take three to six months. For cases which have undergone conciliation, about 74 percent of the complaints were settled amicably," Dr. Cheung said.

At the press briefing, Dr. Fanny Cheung also announces the appointment of two Equal Opportunities Ambassadors.

"We are extremely pleased that Ms. Siao Fong Fong, an actress of great achievements and Mr. Cheung Wai Leung, fencing gold medalist of Paralympics, have agreed to be our Equal Opportunities Ambassadors. Both Ms. Siao and Mr. Cheung are well-known to the community and they have genuine concern for social issues. They will help us in our future promotional and educational efforts." Dr. Cheung said.

Enquiry: EOC Hotline 25118211