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Press Releases

Meeting on 30.8.99 between Directorate of the EOC and Concern Groups


Ms. Anna Wu, Chairperson of EOC, Mrs. Angela Ho, Chief Executive and the Directors of the Disability and Gender Divisions, Mr. Frederick Tong and Dr. Priscilla Chung, met with representatives of concern groups today. The meeting exchanged information and views on a number of disability issues. Ms. Wu emphasised that the EOC had been and would continue to tackle certain major issues at the policy level and aim to achieve sustainable development on such policy issues.

Mr. Frederick Tong said that new technologies could have significant impact on the livelihood and integration of people with disabilities in society. Computer advances and technologies on touch screen information provision and telecommunication were examples in this area. The Disability Division of the Commission was looking into taking up the subject as a general issue. The assistance of experts and professionals might be enlisted where necessary.

Planning of physical and community facilities is another area which the EOC will look into as a general issue. Check-walks will be conducted and government and public agencies will be contacted to ensure that accessibility of buildings and physical facilities provided will not be compromised because of a lack of a co-ordinated approach between government departments.

The EOC is in the course of preparing a Code of Practice on Education under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance. The Code is aimed to provide guideline to schools, teachers, students and parents on good practices to eliminate disability discrimination in education.

Mr. Tong said that the EOC would work with interest groups in tackling these general issues.

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