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Press Releases

EOC Welcomes Judgements in Sexual Harassment and Disability Discrimination Cases


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) welcomes the judgments in a case of sexual harassment and a case of disability discrimination and harassment. Both cases are the first of their kind in Hong Kong.

In the case of XXXXX v XXXXX (sexual harassment case), the District Court found the defendant liable for acts of sexual harassment against the plaintiff when he placed a camcorder in her dormitory to secretly video-tape her while they were both students at the same university.

In the case of XXXXX v XXXXX (disability and discrimination and harassment), the District Court found the defendant taxi driver liable for discriminating against the plaintiff and harassing her on the ground of her disability.

"The EOC is pleased with the results," said the EOC Chairperson, Dr. Fanny Cheung. "These cases are an important step in the work of the EOC to eliminate discrimination and harassment and to promote equality of opportunity between persons." Both cases had been legally assisted by the EOC.

"The judgments make it clear that this type of conduct is unacceptable", stressed Dr. Cheung. She added that the EOC was delighted not only for XXXXX and XXXXX (the two plaintiffs), but for the many other persons in Hong Kong who would benefit from the Court's rulings.

The Court awarded XXXXX (the plaintiff of the sexual harassment case) the total sum of $80,000 by way of damages and the defendant was ordered to apologise to her in writing.

XXXXX (the plaintiff of disability discrimination and harassment case) was awarded the total sum of $20,000 by way of damages and the defendant was similarly ordered to apologise.

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