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Press Releases

EOC Steps up Actions to Eliminate Discrimination at Kowloon Bay Health Centre


Dr. Fanny CHEUNG Mui-ching, Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), reiterated that the discriminatory acts of some local residents interfering with the normal operation of the Kowlon Bay Health Centre may be unlawful under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance (DDO).

Dr. Cheung said, "The Commission is very concerned about the situation. We have taken a series of actions to address the problem. We have been in touch with the Department of Health, the Police, the Urban Services Department and the Kwun Tong District Office to work out solutions in tackling the banners which carried derogatory remarks, and in providing information to local residents about the provisions of the law. We have informed staff and users of the Centre of their rights and offered them assistance to bring complaints under the law."

Under the DDO, interference with or prevention of the provision of services or facilities to persons with a disability constitutes unlawful discrimination. It is also unlawful under the DDO to vilify persons with a disability by publicly inciting hatred towards, serious contempt for or severe ridicule of them.

The EOC has already held a series of educational programmes in the Kowloon Bay area. These include meetings with representatives of local residents, talks, exhibitions and a road show to help them to have a better understanding of the DDO. About 10,000 letters have been issued to local residents to advise them that discrimination, harassment and vilification of persons with a disability and their associates are unlawful.

"The EOC will set up a temporary office at the Kowloon Bay Health Centre as from Monday next week to deal with enquiries and receive complaints. At the same time, an exhibition on preventing unlawful acts under the DDO will be set up," Dr. Cheung said.

"I call upon the local residents, staff and users of the centre to visit our temporary office and work together to stop disability discrimination," Dr. Cheung added.

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