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Press Releases

New EO Ambassador Hui Chi-on Sings First Anti-Discrimination Theme Song "A World Without Discrimination"


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) launched a major media initiative today (Saturday, 17 August 2002), unveiling its latest television API (Announcement of Public Interest) featuring Hong Kong's top singer Mr Hui Chi-on performing the Commission's first ever theme song. A carnival was held at Plaza Hollywood (Diamond Hill) to launch the TV message "Put Prejudice Away", which will begin broadcast during prime time tonight.

The Equal Opportunities Carnival (EO Carnival) was the grand finale of the "Equal Opportunities Union 2002" – the Commission's summer youth project organized in conjunction with Metro Radio (FM 99.7) to enhance awareness of equal opportunities among the young generation. Hundreds of participants watched and cheered as Mr Hui Chi-on, Ms Anna Wu, Chairperson of the EOC, and Mr Daniel Chu, Programme Director of Metroshowbiz, joined in the countdown to "Put Prejudice Away".

Speaking at the Carnival, Ms Anna WU said, "Discrimination stems mainly from prejudice, misconceptions and stereotypical assumptions. We believe with the launching of our new API, more people will learn that once we put away discrimination, everyone will benefit. The Commission is honoured that our Ambassador Mr Hui Chi-on has agreed to sing the Commission's first theme song, and I am sure that with his support, our message "Put Prejudice Away – Make the World a Better Place" will be conveyed to the public more effectively."

The Equal Opportunities Theme Song Singing Competition, which was part of the "Equal Opportunities Union 2002" summer youth project, went into its final round at the Carnival. The six finalists, who participated in the Metroshowbiz programme "I Know Where (我芝訂)" in July, performed their own renditions. Other activities included a performance by popular singers Ms Tiffany Lee, Mr Juno Mak and Mr Barry Yip.

Today's carnival was well supported by community organizations. Seven such organizations, Harmony House, Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities, Hong Kong Single Parents Association, Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association, Hong Chi Wan Tau Tong Centre & The Jockey Club Hong Chi Tai Yuen Hostel, TREATS and Regeneration Society, together with the Commission, hosted exhibitions and game booths at the Carnival which were enjoyed by hundreds of shoppers at Plaza Hollywood.

Viewers and listeners will be able to learn about the concept of EO through the media in the coming 12 months. Specially designed "Put Prejudice Away" on-line games and prizes are also available to the public on the EOC website (http://www.eoc.org.hk).

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