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Press Releases

EOC Revamps its Website to further Promote Equal Opportunities and "IT for All"


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) launched the world's first fully bi-lingual (Chinese/English) website on equal opportunities today (7 March 2002), to promote equal opportunities and the concept of "IT for All". The new website at http://www.eoc.org.hk is user friendly and is available in six modes, accommodating the needs of various kinds of Internet surfers, including persons with a disability.

"Information dissemination is of paramount importance in our campaign against discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunities. We believe that everyone should have equal access to information, education, employment, services and facilities," said Ms. Anna Wu, Chairperson of the EOC at the Hong Kong Information Infrasturcture Expo and Conference 2002 today. "It is crucial to make information technology and the Internet accessible to all, because the ability to use I.T. can generate wealth and prosperity, and equal access to information can open the door to many life changing choices such as education and career opportunities."

"Our new website is all about how equal opportunities can work for you. As of today, there exists a wider range of choices for those who visit the EOC website. Whether you are running a business and would like to find out more about best practices from our Resource Centre, or just to watch a real-life TV docu-drama in the Video Room, perhaps even win a prize in our Youth Corner, the new website has something for everybody," said Ms Wu.

Other officiating guests of the launching ceremony included Mr. Kim Mok Kim-wing, one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons and Ten Outstanding Young Digi-persons in 1999; Ms. Elizabeth Quat, President and Co-founder of the Internet Professionals Association; Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress Ms. Cecilia Yip and artiste Ms. Lau Mei-kuen, who both performed in the docu-drama TV series titled "A Very Special Equal Opportunities Mission" jointly produced by the EOC and RTHK.

"Our society has become information-oriented and the use of the Internet and other information technology is spreading at an unprecedented speed. It is extremely important that persons with a disability and women not be left behind in this information revolution," concluded Ms. Anna Wu.

The EOC will run a booth at the Expo from March 7 to 10, 2002 to demonstrate how persons with a disability can easily access information on the EOC website. Members of the public will be able to visit the EOC booth on Sunday, 10 March 2002. Admission is free.

** A photo showing the officiating guests at the launching ceremony will be placed in the Information Box of the Information Service Department in Murray Building for collection after 5 p.m. on 7 March 2002.

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