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Press Releases

EOC Launches Act against Discrimination Campaign


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)'s "Put Prejudice Away" campaign featuring this year's most popular male singer and Equal Opportunities Ambassador HUI Chi-on in a poster ad, will be launched tomorrow (12 October 2002) on Hong Kong's mass-transit system. Through HUI Chi-on's action of putting down his hand, he is urging everyone to act against discrimination, put down their prejudices to make the world a better place. The month-long poster ad campaign will be seen at MTR, KCR and LRT stations.

"When posing for the poster, I tried to show that prejudice impedes one's full vision of the world by covering one eye with my hand, therefore limiting my vision," said HUI Chi-on. "I then removed my hand to show that when people puts aside their prejudices, they will be able to see a complete and beautiful world. I would like to stress the importance of treating everyone equally, regardless of their race, gender or disability. If our younger generation embrace this idea and spread it around, my dream of achieving a world without prejudice should be realized soon."

"The aim of the "Put Prejudice Away" campaign is preventive, to remind people to eliminate discrimination. At the same time, we need to inform everyone about their rights. If anyone has experienced discrimination, it is important that his/her right to complain against discrimination and harassment is respected, and the Commission will offer information and professional advice," said Ms Anna Wu, Chairperson of the EOC.

"Whether you have been discriminated because of your gender, disability or family status, the EOC can provide confidential advice and assistance. That means, if you have been sexually harassed at work, or if you have lost your job because of your pregnancy or disability, the Commission is ready to help."

A recent survey commissioned by the EOC showed that a majority of respondents highly valued the EOC as an important mechanism in handling complaints, changing people's attitudes and encouraging good workplace practices. Most respondents believed the EOC to be impartial in handling complaints.

The "Put Prejudice Away" campaign highlights access to information which is available through the EOC website, www.eoc.org.hk or the EOC Hotline, 2511-8211. Visitors to the website can click to "Frequency Asked Questions", download a series of resources including the "Good Management Practice" Series and "Your Rights" Series, or watch a real-life TV docu-drama to learn more about equal opportunities.

The next phase of the "Put Prejudice Away" campaign will focus on the Equal Opportunities Expo 2002, which will be launched on 27 October 2002.

The "Put Prejudice Away" posters have been placed at the Information Services Department for collection.