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Press Releases

Press Conference on the KBHC Incident


The EOC is most concerned about the developments of the KBHC incident and is taking a two-pronged approach to the matter:

(1) in the short term, assistance will be provided on specific issues. These include:

- urging the police to step up measures to ensure the safety of the staff and users of the Centre;

- looking into the right of access of the road in Richland Gardens;

- requesting the Transport Department to put in place arrangements which will enable the Centre staff and users to take public transport modes without routing through RG;

(2) as a medium term action, a case study will be carried out on the incident to help us to deal with the current deadlock.

Our impression is that people affected in the incident do not actually want litigation, which inevitably would increase animosity in the community, but to have the present situation improved, such as that they may go home after work peacefully. We hope that the case study will help to achieve this.

In carrying out the study the EOC will:

1) meet with the Centre staff and users, take down their detailed accounts of any difficulties they have experienced and obtain their views on the matter;

2) meet with representatives of the local residents, whether they are opposed to or in support of the setting up of the Centre, take down the details of their concerns about the Centre;

3) obtain necessary information from relevant government departments; and

4) obtain views from other concerned parties.

In collecting information for the study, where anonymity is required by the individuals providing the information, identities of the individuals will not be disclosed.

We aim to complete the study in about 8 weeks and a report of the study will be published.

The report seeks to lay out all the relevant facts and to suggest measures for improving the current situation and for preventing the recurrence of similar incidents in future.

The report will also provide a point of reference for the planning and provision of similar facilities in other locations in the future.

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