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Press Releases

Legislative Review by EOC


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has completed the first legislative review of the provisions of the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (SDO) and the Disability Discrimination Ordinance (DDO).

Releasing its Proposals for Amendment of the SDO and the DDO, which have been submitted to the Chief Executive, the EOC Chairperson, Dr. Fanny Cheung, said that this review exercise was commenced at the end of 1997 following twelve months operational experience by the EOC.

The aims of the legislative review were to clarify and simplify the existing provisions and to amend defects in the legislation in order to overcome operational difficulties.

In particular, the EOC focused on removing the discriminatory provisions in Schedule 5 of the SDO which were exempted by the legislation.

"The EOC has a duty to work towards the elimination of discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunities for all. Exceptions are contrary to the principle of equal opportunities and defeat the spirit of anti-discrimination legislation, and they should be kept to a minimum," Dr. Cheung said.

"The EOC is determined to combat discrimination and discriminatory practices. We hope that the Government would take on board the EOC's proposal to amend the legislation by giving the EOC the power to take legal action in court in respect of discriminatory practices," Dr. Cheung added.

Dr. Cheung stressed that the fight against discrimination was of concern to all people in Hong Kong and pledged the EOC's continued commitment and effort to eliminate discrimination and promote equal opportunities for all.

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