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Press Releases

EOC Expresses Concern over the Fanling Primary Health Care Centre


The Equal Opportunities Commission expressed concern that the construction of a primary health care centre at Fanling has encountered objections from some local people in the area.

Commenting on the incident, Mr Frederick Tong Kin-sang, Director (Disability) of the Commission, said, "The Commission is concerned that the objections to the construction of the facility may give a wrong message to the community that people with disabilities will cause harm to other people and should be segregated from the rest of the community."

Mr Tong said that "the provision of health care facilities to those who need them will not pose any harm to the community as long as the facilities comply with the necessary medical and health standards."

As the centre will provide a range of health care services for local people who need them and day treatment services for patients with skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, which include HIV infection and AIDS, the centre will be a facility for people with disabilities.

Under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance interference or prevention of the provision of services or facilities to people with disabilities is unlawful.

The Equal Opportunities Commission has been in touch with the North District Office and has offered to give talks to the local residents on the legislation, Mr Tong added.

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