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Press Releases

Revamped EOC Website Geared to Enhance Services to the Public


The new and improved Equal Opportunities Commission website launched today (May 10, 2006) has updated its site structure and enhanced its content to ensure better delivery of services to the public. The three anti-discrimination laws, the Sex Discrimination Ordinance, the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, and the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance are highlighted for web visitors to learn more about the ordinances, such as application of the laws, case analysis and related equal opportunity issues.

One of the website's new features is the "EO Club", which promotes equal opportunity in the workplace. "Close to 80% of the complaints received by the EOC are employment related.  Clearly, guidance is needed for businesses and organizations to improve their understanding of the ordinances and assist employers in implementing good management practices," Mr. Raymond Tang, EOC Chairperson explained. "The Club offers information, training and advice to a wide network of members, including employers, human resources practitioners, workplace trainers and equal opportunities officers. The online facility is designed to streamline communication with the employment sector, and help improve compliance level in the workplace."

For a nominal fee, the annual subscription allows club members access to gatherings where they can meet their peers, obtain first hand knowledge of equal opportunity related issues and real case scenarios.  Exclusive on-line training will also assist members to learn more about the ordinances at their own pace, and certificates will be awarded to those upon completion of the courses.  The first training module on "How the EO Laws Work for You" is now available and the second online training module on "Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment" will be rolled out in six months' time.

Focusing on youth is one of the major EOC strategies to inculcate acceptance of equal opportunity values from an early age. "The new Youth Corner & Education page aims to assist our new generation to develop as informed, active citizens in order to encourage values of respect and understanding," said Mr. Tang. A wide range of programmes, such as EO cartoon stories, multimedia zone, new interactive educational games and prizes are in store for the younger generation.

The revamp exercise has realigned all EOC services for a quick and easy access to complaints handling, training and consultancy services, the community participation funding scheme, free talks, publications and EOC activities. The new website at http://www.eoc.org.hk is user friendly and is available in six modes, accommodating the needs of various kinds of Internet surfers, including persons with a disability.

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