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Press Releases

EOC Welcomes new UN convention to protect rights of persons with disabilities


The EOC welcomes the conclusion of negotiations on the International Convention to Protect and Promote the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities, which will pave the way for the Convention to be formally sent to the General Assembly for adoption at its next session, this September. 
"This is indeed a great step forward for persons with disabilities, as the Convention prohibits disability discrimination in all areas of life, including civil rights, access to justice and the right to education, health services and access to transportation. It has been a privilege to be able to participate in the process of crafting the Convention, which will be a milestone for the protection of disability rights. I am glad that we have been able to make a modest contribution, in sharing our experience of administrating the anti-discrimination ordinances, the complaint handling and redress mechanisms in Hong Kong," said Mr. Raymond Tang, Chairperson of the EOC.
The Convention, seeks to produce a paradigm shift in dealing with disability rights from a welfare and charity based approach to a rights based model for the world's estimated 650  million persons with disabilities. Successful completion of the treaty was reached last Friday.
Mr. Tang continued, "I look forward to the Hong Kong SAR government to express support for the international covenant, and furthermore early ratification by the Central Government, when the Covenant after its endorsement by the General Assembly becomes open for signature and ratification by the state parties."  

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