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Press Releases

EOC Partners Employers and Human Resource Practitioners to Promote Workplace Equality


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) today (October 17, 2006) inaugurated its EO Club to raise awareness and improve compliance level in Hong Kong's employment sector. So far, 150 human resources practitioners from close to 100 corporates, government departments, universities, SMEs and NGOs have joined to implement diversity in their respective workplaces.

EOC Chairperson Mr. Raymond TANG said at the inauguration ceremony, "About 80% of our discrimination complaints are employment related. Clearly, guidance should be provided for businesses and organizations to improve understanding of Hong Kong's three anti-discrimination ordinances and assist employers in implementing good management practices to comply with the law. With this in mind, we have launched a new initiative, the EO Club, which offers information, advanced training and advice to a wide network of employers, human resources practitioners and workplace trainers."

"With this initiative, we hope to introduce the concept of 'EO Officers' in corporations and other organizations. We believe that an 'EO Officer' in every organization will help to create a better work environment for staff, which means a more efficient and effective workforce for employers. Today's event also marks the beginning of the Commission's 10th Anniversary programme for the next 12 months," Mr. TANG added.

Dr. LO Wing-lok, Convenor of EOC's Community Participation and Publicity Committee said, "Hong Kong has based its success on a level playing field. Equality of opportunities in employment ensures that all individuals compete equally on the basis of their abilities. Meritocracy and equal opportunities are important elements in sustaining Hong Kong's success."

At the EO Club inauguration, guest speaker Mr. TSANG Kin-woo, Assistant Commissioner (Employment Services) of Labour Department highlighted the importance and benefits of ensuring equal opportunities in employment. "The establishment of the EO Club marks a successful step towards implementing equal opportunity in Hong Kong," said Mr. TSANG. "The Club's activities are designed to be user-friendly, such as case study seminars and EO laws update sessions, allowing members to share and exchange good practices."

Another guest speaker Ms Christine NG, Leader of Diversity Council of IBM China/Hong Kong spoke on "Embracing Diversity and EO Practices at IBM Hong Kong". Ms NG shared with participants the practical and feasible ways of implementing work-life balance in the workplace. Ms Florence CHAN, EOC Senior Training Officer provided an update of discriminatory cases recently handled by the Commission.

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