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Press Releases

EOC launches E-training module on preventing sexual harassment for tertiary institutions


In an effort to prevent sexual harassment on campus, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) introduced today (21 August 2007) Hong Kong's first on-line training module on preventing sexual harassment for tertiary institutes to assist their students to gain a better understanding of the issue.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of the training module, Mr. Raymond TANG, EOC Chairperson said, "The production of the on-line training module is a major step in enhancing awareness of preventing sexual harassment for students in tertiary education. The EOC is very pleased to have had the opportunity of co-operating with all our tertiary institutes in promoting the use of the training module. It's encouraging that the institutes have committed to promote this module to all their students on campus, particularly new entrants, and to incorporate the module into their curriculum where appropriate. "

"Sexual harassment is a topical gender issue and more often than not, women and girls are targeted by this unlawful behaviour. Often fear of victimization deters would-be complainants from taking action. All this underlines the need for a comprehensive sexual harassment policy, and a structured education and training programme which would encourage a more gender friendly environment, and promote respect for both sexes," Mr. TANG said.

Mr. TANG elaborated, "The course aims to raise users' awareness about behaviour that may constitute unlawful sexual harassment under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (SDO) in school setting. The programme explains the definition and various types of sexual harassment, the liabilities of schools and individuals."  

The training package is an interactive on-line module with Q&As and scenario-type exercises. A certificate would be awarded to those students who had completed and successfully passed the test on-line. Websites of participating institutes are hyper-linked to the EOC website to ensure that all members of the campus community can gain access to the training module. 

To enhance awareness on sexual harassment in tertiary institutes, the EOC has organized a series of public education initiatives over the past few years. The Commission's efforts included, amongst others, a Forum on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Universities in 2004, Orientation Camp Game Design Contest to Promote Gender Awareness in 2005, prime-time TV programmes, training workshops and the newly launched on-line training module.

Mr. TANG expressed his thanks to participating tertiary institutes which provided invaluable input to the content and design of the on-line training module. Mr. TANG also extended thanks to the institutes’ senior representatives for their attendance at today's launching ceremony, Prof. Joseph HW LEE, Pro-Vice-Chancellor & Vice -President of The University of Hong Kong; Dr. David MOLE, Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Dr. TAM Sin-ping, Director of Student Service of Lingnan University; Mrs. Carol TANG, Dean of Students of The Hong Kong Institute of Education; Prof. WONG Suk-ying, Chairperson, Committee against Sexual Harassment of The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Dr. TING Wai-fong, Chairperson of the Sub-Committee for cultivating awareness of the University's policy on sexual harassment of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Mrs. So-lin SHAM, Head of Administration, Office of Student Affairs of The Hong Kong Baptist University, and Dr. Ruth YEE, Acting Director of Student Development Services of City University of Hong Kong.

The on-line training module on preventing sexual harassment for tertiary institutes (http://www.eoc.org.hk:8080/shoncampus) is self-paced and contains 3 parts :
1. An interactive mini-quiz to test one's knowledge on sexual harassment
2. A tutorial on the definitions and various types of sexual harassment, and liabilities of schools and individuals
3. A test consisting of scenario-type questions

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