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Press Releases

EOC launches "Equal Opportunities Diversity Project" and 10th Anniversary Commemorative Publication


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) launched today (17 November 2007) a year-long social inclusion initiative titled "Equal Opportunities Diversity Project (平等機會多元共融行動)" in conjunction with RTHK Radio 2 at Lok Fu Shopping Centre. The EOC's 10th Anniversary Commemorative Publication named "Advancing Equal Opportunities  <<奮進平等路>> was also launched at the event. 

Speaking at the Launching Ceremony, Mr. Raymond TANG, Chairperson of the EOC said, "In view of the overwhelming response to last year's joint radio programme with RTHK Radio 2, the EOC joins hand with RTHK Radio 2 to run another year-long radio project to promote social inclusion. Through this project, we wish to spread the messages of racial harmony, inclusion of persons with a disability, gender equality and accommodation for persons with family status."

This radio programme features weekly interview with guests on equal opportunities issues in Hong Kong and radio segments titled “Ethnic Minorities' Cultural Class (地球村補習社)” introducing languages, cultures and life styles of ethnic minorities. The Equal Opportunities Slogan Design Competition (平等機會標語創作比賽) will also be organized.

With the twelve-month series of weekly programmes to be broadcast between Nov 2007 and Nov 2008, most of our population is expected to learn more about diversity. Beginning 21 November 2007, this media project will be broadcast every Wednesday in the programme "Made in Hong Kong Alex Lee" on RTHK Radio 2 (FM 94.8- 96.9) at 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

In launching the Commemorative Publication, which marks the EOC's 10th Anniversary, Mr. TANG said, "The progress of our work in the Commission's first decade illustrates the changes that have taken place to make Hong Kong a more inclusive and harmonious society. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our former Chairpersons, Members, staff and dedicated partners and supporters including NGOs, educators, social workers and media organizations for their enthusiastic support to our works in mainstreaming equal opportunities in Hong Kong."

The Commemorative Publication features how the EOC assists complainants and respondents, and how the EOC has effected changes in Hong Kong. The first part of the book explores the remarkable stories of 14 individuals on how they have contributed to the cause of working towards a fairer and more inclusive society. The second part highlights the advancement of equal opportunities in Hong Kong since the establishment of the EOC ten years ago. Successive EOC Chairpersons have also shared their vision and views on equal opportunities.

The bilingual publication supplements the Education Bureau's curriculum on Liberal Studies in the area of "Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships". Ample suggestions are provided for teachers, students, activity organizers to facilitate interactive and experiential learning at the end of each story. The Commemorative Publication is also available in Braille.

Joining Mr. TANG on stage to officiate at today's launching ceremony includes former EOC Chairperson, Mrs. Patricia CHU YEUNG Pak-yu; EOC Members and individuals who have shared their remarkable stories in the 10th Anniversary Commemorative Publication.

For media enquiries, please contact Mr. Sam HO at 2106-2187.