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Press Releases

EOC Statement on World AIDS Day


In supporting the United Nations World AIDS Day (1 December 2007), Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), Mr. Raymond TANG said, "Today, HIV/AIDS threatens the welfare and well being of people throughout the world particularly in disadvantaged communities. Our world will never be secure unless we tackle poverty, injustice and inequality. And HIV/AIDS gives rise to all three."

"To halt the spread of HIV/AIDS we need a comprehensive approach, which includes the development of education and prevention initiatives as well as enhancement of equitable relations between the genders." Mr. TANG said. "In raising awareness in the community about HIV/AIDS issues, we need to promote support and understanding for people living with HIV/AIDS," he added.

Mr. TANG reiterated, "Removing the stigma and combating discrimination against people who are affected by HIV/AIDS is as important as developing medical cures. By applying the principle of non-discrimination --- a fundamental human right --- we open up critical avenues for prevention, treatment, care and support in the community."

Hong Kong's Disability Discrimination Ordinance protects people living with HIV/AIDS by ensuring that they are not subjected to discrimination in the areas of education, employment and provision of goods, services and facilities.

"We need a multi-faceted approach to encourage acceptance and to facilitate integration : the legal framework is one and creation of a supportive and a more accepting environment for those living with HIV/AIDS is another," Mr. TANG concluded.

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