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Press Releases

EOC Launches New Guides to Help Employers Prevent Sex Discrimination in Pay and Understand “Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value”


The EOC has developed a set of guidebooks to strengthen public understanding on the concepts of Equal Pay for Equal Work (EPEW) and Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value (EPEV), for the purpose of eliminating pay discrimination on the ground of gender.
Under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (SDO), Cap. 480, it is unlawful to discriminate against an employee, on the ground of sex, in the terms and conditions of employment. Employers should maintain the principles of equal pay for equal work (EPEW) and equal pay for work of equal value (EPEV). This will require objective and professional evaluation of different jobs within the same establishment, or alternative methods of approaching the issue of equal pay which can be demonstrated to be non-discriminatory, and a systematic approach to pay determination which is free of sex bias. A fair and transparent pay determination system helps to enhance staff morale and eliminate the risks of unnecessary complaints and legal actions. It is beneficial to both employers and employees.
The guidebooks consist of a main guide and three supplementary books:
  • Main Guide: Guide to Employers on Equal Pay between Men & Women Under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance
  • Supplementary Book 1: An Illustration on Developing an Analytical Job Evaluation System Free of Sex Bias
  • Supplementary Book 2: A Systematic Approach to Pay Determination Free of Sex Bias
  • Supplementary Book 3: Equal Pay Self-audit Kit - A Proactive Approach for Employers to Achieve Equal Pay
While the above guidebooks provide detailed explanation on the concepts, principles and practical tools for implementation, the Easy Read Guide presents the key concepts and principles facilitating understanding of all users including employers of small business and employees in general.
The Easy Read Guide is now available at the EOC website. The content of the main guide and the three supplementary books will also be uploaded to the EOC website shortly. Printed copies will also be available soon.
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30 December 2008