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Press Releases

The EOC reports on work plans and progress on policy and research


Members of the Policy and Research Committee (PARC) of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) met on 19 January 2012 (Thursday) at the 11th PARC Meeting and discussed various matters related to the Commission’s work on research and advocacy.

PARC Members reviewed the draft reports of two research projects, namely Study on Students’ Sexual Attitudes and Views on Sexual Harassment; and In-depth Study on Racial Encounters and Experience in Discrimination.

With the objective to enhance public awareness and facilitate discussion on how the younger generation could achieve a more comprehensive understanding of sexuality, the EOC conducted a study to elicit students’ attitudes on sexual harassment, Wonjokyuje (compensated dating), premarital sex and teenage pregnancy. It is hoped that the findings could enhance the prevention of sexual harassment in schools, promoting gender equality and related educational work. Data collection and analysis had recently been completed. Members of the PARC reviewed and commented on the draft report of the survey. It is expected that the finalized report will be released in the third quarter of 2012.

In 2011, the EOC undertook an In-depth Study on Racial Encounters and Experience in Discrimination to obtain information for the purpose of designing training and educational programs in promoting racial harmony and evaluating the implementation status of the Race Discrimination Ordinance. Members of the PARC discussed and commented on the Survey Report, which will be released in the second quarter of 2012.

The Working Group on Access, which was formed by Members of the PARC to follow up on the issue of “Barrier-free Access” in Hong Kong, undertook to urge the Government to ensure that the facilities of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal would be universally accessible and user-friendly to persons with disabilities. A letter had been sent to the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (SCED) to put forward EOC’s request. The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau responded positively, pointing out that the Architectural Services Department would take into account EOC’s comments and suggestions in finalizing the detailed design of the Terminal.

To ensure public transport services are accessible to all people, the Working Group suggested the Government to make access requirements a standard provision in the renewal of public bus services franchises. The EOC Chairperson had written to the Secretary for Transport and Housing accordingly. The Transport and Housing Bureau replied that such improvements were being pursued and that all franchised buses would be wheelchair-accessible by 2015/16. Members also resolved to organize a sharing session to review the existing challenges faced by people with disabilities and gather opinions on how to enhance accessibility of public transport services. People with disabilities, relevant public transport operators and Government officials will be invited to participate.


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Equal Opportunities Commission
19 January 2012