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Press Releases

The EOC calls for tolerance and rationality in social debates


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) expressed concern over a full-page newspaper advertisement, published in a local newspaper on 1st February 2012, featuring mainlanders as “locust” and appealing to negative emotions against them.

“The EOC understands the strong sentiments of Hong Kong people over certain recent social issues, including the strain on medical and other social resources caused by major influx in external demand. The Commission shares the view that the SAR Government should adopt immediate effective measures to ensure that local residents would continue to enjoy priority to these services that they deserve, and to review the adequacy of the policy and legislation concerning these social issues as soon as possible,” said Mr. LAM Woon-kwong, Chairperson of the EOC.

“However, we believe that the majority of Hong Kong people would like to see the consideration of these social issues to be conducted in a rational and factual manner. Putting forward contemptuous and vilifying remarks will only heighten social tension and mutual hostility and will damage Hong Kong’s image as a pluralistic and friendly city,” Mr. LAM continued.

Mr. LAM calls for tolerance and rationality from all members of the community in facing the current social situation. “The people of Hong Kong have every reason to take pride in our broad-mindedness and civilized nature. We must guard against any action which may debase us as an inward looking and mean community.”

“Irrespective of our origins, we all expect ourselves to be treated fairly, and that our dignity is respected. We should not do unto others what we do not want others to do unto us,” Mr. LAM emphasized.

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Equal Opportunities Commission
2 Feb 2012