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“Intersectionality, Discrimination & Inclusion” Panel Discussion


“Intersectionality, Discrimination & Inclusion”Panel Discussion (28 October 2021)

The EOC held a panel discussion on Intersectionality, Discrimination & Inclusion on 28 October 2021 along with Bloomberg LP. Around 100 people joined the event, both in person and online making it a huge success.

Here are four key takeaways from the session:

  1. The absence of role models with similar intersectional experience to oneself may make it hard to embrace one’s own intersectional identities and be authentic.
  2. Businesses need to encourage everyone to be and express their true self.
  3. Talents with intersectional identities may be more attuned to the cultural nuances of different communities and different markets. They can help organisations navigate uncomfortable conversations or difficult decisions.
  4. We need lawmaking that is better informed by intersectional factors. Laws around the world must reflect and catch up with people’s lived experiences.