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World Cultural Diversity Day 2021 Panel Discussion, Diverse Voices on Diversity


"Diverse Voices on Diversity" – World Cultural Diversity Day 2021 Panel Discussion (3 June 2021)

The objective of the panel discussion was to showcase the diversity that makes up Hong Kong. Our speakers included a doctor, an entrepreneur, a professor and an insurance professional. Their personal stories and insights, all deeply connected to Hong Kong, were engaging and inspiring.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the discussion we think are worth sharing:

Language: It continues to be a huge barrier for many. Our panelists shared how they faced multiple challenges throughout their individual journeys and how language was a part of those. It limits the opportunities for ethnic minorities (EMs) and many times their skills and qualifications are not highly considered because of this setback.

Grabbing opportunities: All our speakers shared how important it is that you grab the opportunities that come your way. EMs are faced with many barriers, so when the chance presents itself, it is imperative that we make use of it. Taking the initiative, networking and opening up to different experiences was also highly stressed upon.

Public education: Speakers felt the need for more public education so that people are able to see EMs for their qualifications and abilities rather than their background, skin colour and ethnicity. They also wanted to see more interactions and mingling among people of various cultural backgrounds so that barriers and stereotypes can be taken down.

Have a look at what our panelists had to say about culture and identity